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There’s a Car Loan Waiting For You

Perhaps you’ve met people who have totally sworn off the idea of financing a far. There are those who think car loans are a bad idea and instead insist on purchasing vehicle outright. But the truth is, a car loan may be your best option. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about placing yourself in a bad position, because car loans are available to suit your unique situation.


Your credit history and spending habits will have a lot to say about your next car loan. When you secure your financing, rates and terms will largely be dependent on these two factors, along with your purchase price and how much you are able to put down. Fortunately, if you have strong credit and have demonstrated the ability to pay installment loans on time, you will be able to secure a low interest rate at a term you can be happy with. You loan can be catered to meet your needs.

Dealers Will Work With You

Dealerships can take care of the loan steps, saving your time and hassle. Even if your credit is poor, you don’t have to disqualify yourself from getting your car. This is because here at Bryden Financing & Auto Sales we will do everything possible to get a loan that works for you. Don’t mope and worry that it’ll be impossible for you to get a loan.

Overpay if You Want

Another great thing about a loan, including a car loan, is that there’s nothing wrong with exceeding the monthly payment. If you find yourself with a little cash one month and want to pay down your loan, you’re perfectly able to do so. This will help you get closer to outright ownership of your car without having to pay everything up front.

Car loans are an excellent option for you when it’s time for a car. Follow these guidelines when debating whether this purchase method is right for you.

Suggestions For Getting a Car Loan With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, it often feels like a pit that you can’t climb out of. You don’t have good credit, and this gets in the way of getting the tool that you need to improve your credit. However, it is not impossible to get bad credit car loans, and there are some ways to make it easier to get accepted, and get a little bit of needed money lent to you.

Large Upfront

What bad credit car loans and the companies that offer them are worried about is getting their money back. This means that if you show up with a large chunk of money to start with, they are going to be a lot more willing to give you a loan because the loan amount will be smaller, and the lenders see that you have financial capabilities. If you don’t need the car for another week or month, it could help waiting for the next paycheck, so you can add a little bit more to the upfront you can offer as a down payment.

Proof of Finances

If you have a steady income, bringing tax information or pay stubs to prove that you have and will have enough money to make the payments will go a long way in convincing people to give you bad credit car loans. It is easy to understand that even with past bad credit, your financial situation has improved, and you are ready to improve your credit score. Showing lenders you have the money will let them believe they will get their money back.

Present Well

People are often judged on how they look. This human behavior may be unavoidable, but you can prepare for it. If you dress nicely and appear professional, lenders may be more inclined to give you a loan, because you look like the kind of person who will pay it off. What you wear doesn’t really say anything about who you are, but the instinctual first impression is impossible to avoid, so take advantage of it instead.


Why Buying from a Dealer Makes Sense

When you go looking for used cars, you have the option of going to a dealer or a private seller. There are arguments to be made for either, depending upon your situation, but we believe for most people going to a reputable, established dealership is the top choice. Here are the main reasons why buying from a dealer may be in your best interest.


A Broad Selection of Quality Cars


Every day on our lots we offer a fine choice of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, crossovers, trucks, minivans, coupes and other vehicles. There is no need for you to drive all over town looking at one car at a time. We have everything in one place. All of our cars have been inspected by our mechanics and are in excellent condition when we put them out on the lot. You know when you select a vehicle from us that it is in great shape, which is not always the case when buying from an individual.


Financing Options


We offer financing for our cars, something that could be difficult to obtain from a private seller, especially if the car is over five years old, or if you have credit issues. Our office staff will work with you to come up with the best deal for you in terms of interest rates, low down payment and a manageable monthly payment. Out staff will also help you with all of the paperwork associated with buying a used car.


Maintenance Support


We service all of the used cars we sell so there is no need for you to look for a reputable mechanic. We provide routine maintenance in the form of oil changes, as well as tires and wheels, brakes and steering and engine work. Our maintenance staff is experienced in keeping your vehicle running and we offer convenient hours to fit into your busy schedule.

Getting a Car Loan: Why Financing Through the Dealership is a Viable Option

Many people shop for car loans at banks or credit unions, but dealerships often offer financing options of their own. Though you may be able to secure a perfectly favorable loan from a bank, there are several reasons why financing your new car through the dealership itself may be worth considering.


When you’re getting a loan through the dealership, the process suddenly becomes simpler. You are saved the homework of getting preapproved by a bank or other financial institution, and you have less pressure to haggle with the dealership over money. Instead, you’re working with them to find the best financing option for you in conjunction with the particular vehicle that you’re interested in purchasing.


Many dealerships are able to process and approve your loan far more quickly than any bank. In a number of cases, people can get their loan from a dealer and bring their new car home that same day, which is a very convenient option for everyone involved.


When applying for car loans through a dealership, you will likely find out that they examine your credit score and history less critically than banks do. Therefore, your chances of getting approved without a perfect credit score are generally higher. This can be beneficial if you’re dealing with some tough financial times, but still need to get a good car.


Another benefit of financing through the dealership itself is that their rates are often less rigid than a bank. More so than banks can, dealerships are usually able to work out a deal with you that benefits both parties.

While many people shop for car loans at different credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions, it may be worth researching loan options provided by the car dealership. The above factors are some strong reasons why getting a loan through the dealership may work well as you shop for the vehicle that’s right for you and your family.

Quick Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Before Getting a Car

If you have bad credit, you might be understandably nervous if you need dealer financing to buy a new car. While there are bad credit car loans that can help you out, you can help yourself by doing everything you can to boost your credit score before applying for financing. Try a few good tips in the months leading up to your purchase.


Look At Your Credit Report


If you haven’t already, order your free credit report and take a look at it to see if there’s any out-of-date or incorrect information that needs to be cleared up before lenders run your credit. Should there be any inaccurate information on your report, getting it cleared up could boost your credit score a few points. Make sure you request a free report from both Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada.


Take Care of As Much of Your Debt As Possible


Do everything you can to pay down your smaller debts before you apply for financing. In addition to smaller amounts owed, focusing on those that have higher interest rates is also a good idea. A sizeable percentage of your credit score is determined by how much of your credit limit you’re currently using, so getting that number as low as you can is sure to go a long way in polishing that credit score.


Increase Your Credit Limit


Going back to your credit limit, there’s a chance you might qualify for a higher credit limit with your current credit card companies. You’ll have a better chance of being approved for a limit increase if you’ve paid your credit card bill on time, have been a customer for a while and don’t use too much of your credit. If you’re approved for a limit increase, pretend as if your limit hasn’t changed to keep your credit limit use low on your credit report and your credit score high.


If you can only boost your score by a few points, that’s better than nothing. Lenders like to see you making an effort, and that effort could help you receive approval for your loan.

Benefits of Bad Credit Car Loans

When you have bad credit, it can sometimes seem like you will never get out from under the score, this is where we can help. Not only can we get you into a quality new or used vehicle, we can also help you get bad credit car loans. These loans can do more than just get you a new ride, however, they can also help rebuild your credit.


Get a New-To-You Ride


The most obvious benefit of bad credit car loans is that you can get a new ride for yourself and your family. This means that you can more effectively get to work and run errands. You can upgrade to a bigger vehicle, get one more fit for work and much more. We will help you find the right automobile for your needs and help you get the loan to afford it. You can find a variety of vehicles to meet your needs for seating and storage in new or used makes and models.


Rebuild Your Credit


The fastest way to rebuild your credit is to have a loan in good standing or a successfully completed loan on your credit report. By getting a car loan, you can also get a reliable ride to and from work or around town. This can give you the opportunity to restart or rebuild your credit because every on-time payment will add to your score and a completed loan will bump it up faster. This can help you get better terms on future loans and for bigger purchases.


You may think that the only benefit of bad credit car loans is getting you a new or used vehicle to get around in; however, the right loan can help you rebuild your credit. By coming down to the dealership, you can sit down with a loan officer and go over your financing options before you go shopping for a new ride.

The Benefits of Securing a Car Loan at the Dealership

In order to make any large purchase, you must decide how you are going to pay for it. Unless you have the full price of the car saved when you are ready to buy, you will likely need to finance the vehicle into reasonable monthly payments. Sailing through the sea of car loans can be a hassle, though. To help you navigate those waters, the dealership can offer both financing and deals that you cannot get anywhere else.


Customized Lending


Financing your next vehicle through the dealership is a great way to find the loan that is perfect for your life and your budget. We are highly motivated to help you find the loan that makes buying a car off our lot possible. The dealership fosters relationships with lenders and is therefore better able to assist you with finding the right lender and the right loan for you. If you need to extend the term of your loan or need a loan that caters to mediocre credit, the dealership’s experience can come in handy. We want to see you driving off in your next car as soon as possible, and we will work to get you the financing to make that happen.


Special Deals


If you have great credit, getting a loan through the dealership can come with even more perks. Periodically, car manufacturers will offer limited time deals through their franchises. For example, some dealerships are able to finance an introductory interest rate of 0% on a newly purchased vehicle. At other times, discounts might be given off the total price of the car. Only by establishing car loans through the dealership are you are able to take advantage of these deals when they are offered.


There may be many ways to pay for your next vehicle, but only one way lets you take advantage of the experience and special deals offered by the dealership. Securing your car loan where you buy it has its benefits.

Five Steps to Getting a Loan With Poor Credit

Reversing poor credit requires hard work, and that hard work is even more challenging when you don’t have a car. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to get transportation to and from your job.


One: Have an Open Mind


With a poor credit history, you probably won’t be able to secure a traditional loan, but you may have more success with bad credit car loans. These typically have higher interest rates, so be prepared to pay a little more.


Two: Stay Away From Additional Credit


One of the most common mistakes people make when using credit to make a major purchase is to open up a new credit card or account. You may want to take a look at your credit history, checking for errors and correcting inconsistencies.


Three: Be Realistic Concerning What You Can Afford


There are two important parts to this. The first is your monthly payment. Consider your most difficult months and determine how much of a payment you’d be able to make at those times. Your car payment probably shouldn’t be much more than that. The second thing to consider is the overall cost of the vehicle. Consider how much you’ll have to pay as a down payment, how much maintenance the vehicle will require, and how much gas and insurance will cost.


Four: Try to Find a Co-Signer


If you have a friend or family member with good credit, you can improve your chances for getting a loan. The terms of that loan will also be easier to live with. That co-signer (or co-borrower for even more benefits) will give the lender assurance that the loan will be paid, even if you struggle to make payments.


Five: Don’t Settle


While being realistic about your options, you can still discuss better terms, such as the length of the loan, the interest rate, prepayment penalties, and annual percentage rate. Factors such  as the prepayment penalty may be much easier to get rid of, whereas the interest rate may be harder to negotiate.


Poor credit will make obtaining a loan more difficult, but it shouldn’t prevent you from getting a car. Use these tips to improve your chances.

How In-House Used Car Financing Can Benefit You as a Student

If you need a quality used car to get to your college or university classes and to your part-time job, your limited credit history may result in a low credit score. However, there are several alternative to traditional loans, such as bad credit car loans and in-house financing. In fact, as a student, in-house vehicle financing may benefit you, and we’re here to show you how.


More Loan Options


Used car dealerships that offer in-house financing often have a variety of loan options available that you may not be able to get from a lender that is more demanding. While you may not get the best interest rates, many dealerships are willing to work with students that have a limited credit history. It’s a good idea to learn about more than one type of loan from your dealership before you settle on one that meets your budget.




A full load of classes, work and family obligations probably keep you busy all day, every day, so paying for your car in a way that is convenient is probably going to be important to you. In-house financing means you pay the dealership directly, so you can drop payments off on the way to or from school or even after your evening class, since some dealerships are open in the evening. Making your payments on time and in a way that is simple can help boost your credit score and enable you to keep your daily schedule flowing.


A Chance to Build Credit


As a young person with limited credit options, using bad credit car loans and in-house financing can actually improve your credit history. As you make payments and work toward meeting your loan’s requirements, you might see your credit score climb. Using in-house financing can start you down the path to building an excellent credit score for the future.


Owning a quality used car can make life as a student much more convenient. If you have a limited credit history, then using in-house financing might help this goal within reach.