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Life Expectancy of Petrol and Hybrid Car in Lower Sackville, Halifax and area

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Life Expectancy of Petrol and Hybrid

Life Expectancy of Petrol and Hybrid

Many people these days wonder if they'll get a longer vehicle life from a used petrol or hybrid car. Since hybrids typically have a higher price tag, this is definitely something for consumers to really think about. The next time you're looking for a used car in Lower Sackville, Halifax or anythere in Atlantic Canada, which vehicle type will give you the most bang for your buck?

Life Expectancy of a Petrol Car

According an article from Forbes, "Today's cars are built to last as long as 250,000 miles (402,336 km) or more with simple routine care," says ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician and Chicago Tribune auto-service columnist Bob Weber. That's a longer vehicle life than vehicles of the past. Many people are now able to keep used automobiles for 10 or more years.

Just keep in mind that around 161,000 km you may need to possibly look into replacing things such as:

  • alternator
  • starter
  • fuel pump
  • power-steering pump
  • muffler

Eventually you may have to replace the engine as well. It's important to keep the condition of the body in mind when deciding whether to repair or replace the car, truck, or SUV.

Vehicle Life of a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars have a vehicle life of more than 289,000 km, according to Since many manufacturers offer warranties of 8-10 years on the batteries, you could potentially get more mileage out of a hybrid. If you do need to replace the battery after the warranty runs out, you should be able to get one for cheaper than an engine for a petrol vehicle.

There is also less wear on the engine in a hybrid automobile than in a petrol automobile, so it's possible that you may get a much longer vehicle life out of the hybrid. There are several different types of hybrid vehicles, so it's important to know exactly the type that you're buying. Just like with a petrol car, the condition of the body may become a deciding factor in whether to repair or replace the vehicle when repairs begin to get costly.

Financing a Used Petrol or Hybrid Car

If you're ready to finance a used petrol or hybrid car in Atlantic Canada, Bryden Financing & Auto Sales is here to help you. We have some of the best options that include the lowest car payments in all of Atlantic Canada, even if you have bad credit, Consumer Proposal, or bankruptcy. Since hybrid vehicles have only been mass produced since 1997, we can't guarantee which one will last longer, but either way you will get a quality, reliable pre-owned car.

To get started today, simply fill out our easy online application. One of our loan specialists will go over the information and then contact you with your option for financing and purchasing.

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